Please Enter your Experiences, with me. Please include what you liked, and what you didn't liked. We would really like to hear from you since you are why we are here.  Once you enter in your experience i will post them for others to read.

9/14/2010- baby bob posts

" I had a really good time, seriously.  Didn’t have a lot of time to spend together, though.  It was very nice meeting you all.  Actually,  I prefer to having my diaper checked by my mommy, that way I wouldn’t have to tell her about me needing a change.  I like to have a dominate mommy if they are okay with it, and I also like to live the lifestyle with my mommy giving me spankings, etc. if ever I am bad.  Other than that, it was pretty good. "

11/4/2010- baby matthew's posts

"Here is my review. I am thinking about doing this again around January/February time. I was wondering , though, if Nanny from Fayetteville was available. It is not that Geneva wasn't great."

"My time with Geneva at the Arkansas AB Babysitting was great. I had a great time and I hope Geneva did as well. Everything Geneva did she did very well. I recommend this to all AB/DL’s in the Arkansas area."

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