Current Prices as of 01/17/2012

 I am currently accepting request for weekend stays (fri-sat-sun), and i am also doing day trips.

Weekend stay costs:

  1. Room and Board fees- $25 a night 
  2. food&other expenses    Friday $25 (only half day) Saturday $75 (full day) Sunday morning $0
  3. Mommy cost$100.00 a day.(fri and sun count as half days so both of them together is $75.00 + Saturday @ $75.00 = $150.00
        so total weekend cost= $50+$100+$150 = ($300)
      i will put out a test for anyone that can find this cost cheaper anywhere else ill give you a $200 discount.

day trips costs:

day trips will be determined per request per what they want done.

if baby wants outings or anything that isn't covered on this list, please be aware that the cost will be different per baby's requests.

please notice that half of what ever we charge will have to be sent in a money order or money gram depending on how far you live from us( reason for this is the sooner we have the money in hand the sooner we can hold the dates you have requested.) This deposit is non refundable! So Please only serious request only. The other half will need to be paid in cash once we meet, before we do anything!

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